#Books: Are you Ready, Player One?

By Brett K. @brettys.books

Ready Player One:

Imagine being able to go anywhere, be anyone and do anything, all without leaving the comfort or safety of your own home.

That is what the OASIS (Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation), brainchild of James Halliday, eventually became, and so much more. In a world suffering a global energy crisis from the lack of remaining fossil fuels, much of civilisation has fallen to ruin, and now people escape the limitations of their real world for the endless possibilities available within the OASIS. Upon his passing, Halliday leaves a video will that plays to the whole world. Due to him having no heirs, he explains how he has left three keys/challenges somewhere inside the OASIS leading to an Easter egg (something hidden) that will reward its finder not only with his entire fortune, but also full control over the OASIS itself. Naturally this sends the world into a frenzy, yet years of searching yields no results. At least not until Wade Watts, a young man living with his auntie in the stacks (towers of caravans/mobile homes stacked on top of each other: slums of a sort), figures out a clue that leads him to the first key that takes him down a path fraught with danger that threatens to spill over into his real life outside of the OASIS.

It's worth noting that the book and the movie experiences are vastly different, the movie resembling the book only by virtue of the characters and then core idea of there being challenges that ultimately leads to the Easter egg. Otherwise almost every other detail has been changed.

I wasn't keen on the changes personally, with the exception of the first two challenges: the first being an exhilarating visual feast, and the second being my favourite part of the entire movie, where the challenge dives into a recreation of a certain location from a certain classic horror movie, complete with its creepy, unsettling musical score.

Overall the movie is fun yet shallow, while the book offers much more depth into the characters and their real-life struggles, as well as a smart infiltration scene that had a huge impact on the way the final moments unfolded, which I was sad to see omitted from the movie.