“Burn to Give”: The App that transforms your calories to help children in Haiti

By Carolina Vergara @carojournalist

Böldness was at the official launch of the platform "Burn to Give" that was held in the Parque Bicentenario in Santiago, Chile. In a short time the App achieved its goal and doubled it by helping 800 children in Haiti and at the same time motivate thousands more to lead a healthy life.

What is "Burn to Give"?

It is the first platform that allows you to convert your calories burned by doing some physical activity, in emergency feeding for a child who needs them, this through a 30-day challenge, to gather 30 million calories to help 400 children who suffer of malnutrition in Haiti, through the Milk Foundation for Haiti.

Currently the platform already has more than 30 thousand registered users, from more than 70 countries, where 88% of them are Chilean, who in total have already donated 32.3 million calories equivalent to 64,600 meals.

How to participate?

Until April 15, those who want to join this cause may do so through www.burntogive.com

How is it done?

It is very easy and simple, after doing any physical activity, you must go to www.burntogive.com, from there a platform is displayed that allows you to count the calories you lost. Each calorie that was burned and registered in this system, is transferred to calories to buy a special food, called RUFT, which allows eradicating a child's malnutrition in six weeks.

Go ahead and participate as part of www.burntogive.com!