#PROUD: A Fantastic Woman wins the second Oscar for Chile

By Carolina Vergara @carojournalist

Happiness! The Chilean film "A Fantastic Woman" has just won an Oscar as "Best foreign film". The film directed by Sebastián Lelio and starring Daniela Vega, tells the story of Marina (Daniela Vega), a transsexual woman, who faces the sudden death of her partner Orlando (Francisco Reyes), we see from that moment on how Marina is the unwanted person. This is how the inner strength of this woman who struggles, from the otherness, for having her own and recognized place arises.

Some of the things I want to highlight from the movie "A Fantastic Woman":

The music of Matthew Herbert, British composer and electronic artist, is a disturbing, mysterious score, with romantic and oneiric touches, perfectly capturing the changing tones of the drama.

The neon lighting reminds me a lot of the films of Nicolas Winding Refn, certainly there is an influence that the director Sebastián Lelio rescues because for his remake of "Gloria" he hired Natasha Braier who made the cinematography of "The Neon Demon". The scenes where it includes the neon lighting acquire a somewhat unreal, illusory character, where the audience is witness of that emotional transition of Marina.

In "A Fantastic Woman" there are scenes so well achieved, which include a poetic beauty and a political discourse, not of the pamphleteer, but of what involves us as a society. The scene where we see Marina walking against a wind that with a powerful force hinders her passage is one of the most beautiful scenes I have seen. On the other hand, the scene of Marina in the club shows the two versions of this "fantastic woman", first we see the pain, the fragility and the disenchantment, then Marina emerges as in a dream dancing, raised in the heights, bold, brave and fantastic

We are so happy that our film is recognized with the highest award in world cinema and also grateful that this film gives our country a gift of joy and pride.