Séptima Pastelería: Better than a French kiss

By Andrea Aburto @piperchess

Photo: Séptima Pastelería

Is anything better than an afternoon walk in the hills of Valparaíso during the summer?

Whenever the opportunity arises to take someone to delight in the joy of the port city, I head to Cerro Concepción, because in my opinion, it has a little of everything and is always in constant change. It renews, refreshes and vibrates in different ways thanks to its visitors and tenants that make each corner become an itinerant space.

That's why every visit is unique. Walking along it, one can afford to observe the colorful murals and take pleasure in trying out new places to recommend to your friends. And this time, on my last visit, I discovered a place that surprised me in a positive way.

If you marvel with sweet pastry and love to travel with your taste buds, Séptima Pastelería is a small magical place full of colors and flavors brought directly from France.

The care of the details are distinguished in the products, because each dessert seems to be a small work of art that makes you feel excited just to see it. There is no doubt that a photograph is not enough nor does it do it justice, but the risky flavors give it a variety that fits every consumer.

Attended by its owner, makes the whole experience unique. He guides us in the choice of flavors until you reach a point of wanting to try the whole store. The fresh and high quality products, the meticulous design and the personalized service are the hallmarks of a young bakery that seduces the public, and although it´s a little hard for them to find an audience, since they are new in the area, Séptima Pastelería undoubtedly becomes a mandatory stop for those who want to explore the true meaning of crème de la crème.

Photo: Séptima Pastelería

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