The Shape of Water: A fairy tale for adults

Por Carolina Vergara @carojournalist

I have always had a ritual, see the most Oscar-nominated films before the awards ceremony. When I began to hear that "The shape of water" had the most nominations, the first thing that caught my attention was the name, there is something mysterious and captivating in those words: the shape of water.

The film written and directed by the Mexican, Guillermo del Toro, is a fairy tale for adults whose protagonist is a princess without a voice. Eliza (Sally Hawkins) is an employee who cleans a secret government facility with her friend Zelda (Octavia Spencer). To the place they bring a mysterious monster (Doug Jones), a species of fish-man that has been captured by the official Strickland (Michael Shannon).

The film is largely a tribute to cinema. The scenes show us a world never before seen, which highlights the golden age of Hollywood. Eliza is silent, but she listens and dances the music of Hollywood classics, living her own musical.

The film is like a new version of "Beauty and the Beast", where there is a new kind of beauty, you can identify with Eliza, she is not a perfect princess, she perceives that the real monsters are humans, she feels different, the symbolism is that she has been a fish out of water all her life, that she does not know that she can´t speak in this world because her voice belongs to another.

For me "The shape of water" is a highly political film that speaks of our times. The great theme is otherness: a woman who literally can´t speak, a monster who is really a God, racism against a woman of color, a homosexual who feels out of place, in a certain way Guillermo del Toro shows us that here the beast does not have to change, that love is like water that has no form, that the man who dominates is really the real monster, as ideology is running out and fear takes over our emotions and we are becoming a society that does not accept what is different.

"The shape of the water" is a love story, which is everywhere, where each component: cinematography, music, costumes, performances (hands up to the great performance of Sally Hawkins as Eliza, she doesn´t speak in all the film but transmits so much with her eyes and gestures), it is a film that changes you in a certain way, it takes you to a different world, imaginary, but at the same time so real.

I think the "The shape of water" will keep the award for best director and best film.

Although, you never know.

The curious fact is that Guillermo del Toro tells that one day he was called by his friends Alfonso Cuarón and Alejandro González Iñárritu (whom in Hollywood they call "The Three Amigos") and they told him so ... come to the Golden Globes party to celebrate with us, we're going to get drunk. Guillermo told them, I do not drink and if I go to drink I do not want to drive. His friends sent a car for him and 14 shots of tequila later, Guillermo meets Sally Hawkins, whom he did not know, and says "I'm writing a movie for you in which you're going to fall in love with a fish-man". Sally responded very affectionately: "Wonderful", that was the first meeting and the beginning of the creation process of "The shape of water".